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Founded in A.D. 1848 years of Chinese national brand \"old phoenix\", has a long history and profound cultural background, in the development of more than 160 years, adhere to the inheritance and innovation, in the brand construction, development scale, industrial structure, etc, constantly breakthrough; \"Old phoenix\" integrating science, in a supply, and has developed into China's jewelry industry's most valuable brands \"and leading enterprises. Old phoenix brand encompasses numerous national brands and international brands, not only was awarded \"China well-known trademark\", \"Chinese famous brand\", \"China business famous brand\", \"China business service brand\", such as \"China time-honored brand\" title, more was rated as \"China 500 most valuable brands\", \"top 500 Asian brands\" and \"top 100 global jewelry. In 2008, the old phoenix gold and silver details process RongLie national non-material cultural heritage list. Again won several awards in 2012, the company is: to be included in the \"China 500 most valuable brands\" list, and get a \"Shanghai top ten brand\", \"Shanghai\" top 100 enterprises, \"the Shanghai design annual brand award\", \"the first China gold je...



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